Zach Hill

Destroying Yourself Is Too Accessible/ Masculine Drugs

Clocking in at 138 pages, Destroying Yourself Is Too Accessible is a fever-dream of otherworld mythologies. What initially seems random becomes lucid as characters congeal out from chaos, forming a morphing narrative. Lines like “Fireworks came by nine skulls and five vacant lots” pepper the book, but in exchange for your attention, you’ll be rewarded with a Borges-meets-Ballard tale of transformation and redemption with a smile-inducing ending. Hill’s illustrations are eye-twitchingly swell, hyper-calligraphic architecture. Masculine Drugs is the CD, a spazz-inducing mass/mess of Hill’s hyper-kinetic drumming, with various friends—D. Elkan, Carson McWhitter, Jonathan Hischke, Pinback’s Rob Crow—contributing nothing but trouble. File between the Boredoms and Kid 606. More sugar, please!