I Can’t Believe It’s Not Comedy

Funnier Than God

Keith Lowell Jensen was on the line again. “Where is that ICBINC CD review?” he asked. “Did you even bother to listen?” Well, yeah. And I happen to like Jensen, and I work with one of the other troupe members, so this is a bit difficult. But one must be honest. This is a CD of skits, without the visuals, but with some smart musical backing by St. Simon 3 and Xeno. The skits—which make fun of yuppies, country-music subculture and other fish-in-a-barrel targets—probably work well in a live setting, but they come off as somewhat sophomoric here. But comedy records are difficult to make work; unless one is doing wild-ass stand-up (like Robin Williams or Richard Pryor) or scripted material with layers of subtext (Firesign Theatre), it’s probably a better bet to grab some instruments and sing in Swedish.