Tree Wave

Cabana EP+

“Son, you need a gimmick,” the old man told Paul Slocum of Tree Wave. He thought a bit and then remembered all those old discarded computer parts he’d seen in Dallas back alleys and begun to collect in his bedroom above the garage. Later, using a dot-matrix printer, an Atari 2600 game console, a portable 286 PC from 1986 and other crapper gizmos, the young genius then decided to use his powers for good music instead of evil deeds. The first release from Tree Wave, joined by wonder twin Lauren Gray, is an analog treat of synthetic songs, whirrs and whizzes. All that is old is new again here, and although the potential may occasionally outweigh the output, there is something appealing to this. As a bonus, the disc includes two videos and a loadable synthesizer program for your Commodore 64.