Yum Tacos


With an interactive map detailing hotbeds of carne asada, lengua or al pastor activity up and down California, Yum Tacos—with its chipper, adorable little talking taco mascot—would be a site to bookmark any time. But wait, there’s more! Right this minute, there’s a petition up to save Sacramento’s legion of taco trucks, threatened by soon-to-be-enforced ordinance 5.68.170. Behind those benign-sounding numbers are draconian rules limiting the ability of lorries to park and serve inexpensive, spicy fare. Yum Tacos, not shy about its pro-taco stance, calls this “the same kind of anti-immigrant, classist abuse we’ve come to expect from the Sacramento City Council,” and the lively comments section of the site agrees with the assertion. Join in and strike a blow for tacos libres.