Yum, mudbugs

Crawfish, Firehouse Crawfish

Illustration by SARAH HANSEL

Every Louisianan knows what spring means: mudbugs. Crawdads. Crawfish boils out of a gigantic pot in the backyard. To approximate the experience in Sacramento, y’all should order the mini crustaceans (market price, $11.99 per pound) at Firehouse Crawfish. At this Florin joint, try the Thick Blast flavor for a somewhat traditional mix of garlic, butter and Cajun spices; or go hog-wild with the Collision for a delicious train wreck of all six of the other sweet, spicy and tangy seasonings. As ubiquitous Cajun T-shirts explain, just “pinch da tail, suck da head.” 6519 Savings Place; Suite 205; http://sacfhc.com.