You’ve got mail!

Breaking news: Mark Trail is onto a new storyline, something about birds colliding with jets at airports, with a nefarious character sporting telltale facial hair in there somewhere, probably with one of those old Soviet-bloc voodoo Theremins that can possess our feathered friends to make kamikaze swoops into big planes. Goodbye Dan and Sally and your futile attempt at defrauding an insurance company.

Speaking of persons less than savory, somebody named “Sbsnappled” just sent me the cutest lil’ hate mail: “You have have [sic] won biggest douche of the year,” it starts, then goes on to mention my picture and a dartboard, and how I’ve never written anything about Sbsnappled and his (or her) band, but the band enjoys hating me anyway. Hate is a powerful emotion, kids. Use it wisely, if at all. And keep in mind that voodoo can boomerang on you, and that the resulting chaos can be quite, ahem, jinky. And, oh: I love you dearly. Big hugs!

Last week I mentioned some art galleries that feature music, and over the weekend I was politely reminded by Anthony Galioto that the Jahari Sai Trio, of which he is a member, has been holding court every Second Saturday for the past 18 months at the Smith Gallery at 1020 11th Street downtown. True, and I’d guess there are other musicians who have been gigging regularly at galleries.

As for Jahari Sai, she is a singer with a beautiful voice, which becomes evident from the moment she begins singing. From memory, her performances start becoming problematic after a few songs, because the songs aren’t quite as developed as her singing voice. After several of them, the overall momentum of her presentation stalls. A little song doctoring could go a long way in helping her put her music across. But you may have a different opinion, and the Jahari Sai Trio will play this Saturday at the Pyramid Alehouse at 1029 K Street from 8:30 to 11:30 p.m., and there’s no cover charge.

Some other stuff: Brazil night at the Blue Lamp at Alhambra Boulevard and N Street this Saturday night features Sambajah, a six-piece band from Brazil that now resides in Costa Mesa, and DJ Eduardo Rapido. The 21-and-over show starts at 10, and the cover is $10. According to the show’s promoter, the Blue Lamp features Brazilian music once a month. Free Brazilian wax not included, though.

The next section is brought to you by the letter A. Anton Barbeau is back in Sacramento after another tour around England, a place that seems to embrace the homegrown singer, who sometimes seems as resolutely English as the Kinks’ Ray Davies. He’s playing the Weatherstone Coffee & Trading Co. at 812 21st Street on Saturday, with Steve Randall, Jeff Simons and Tom Monson backing him. The all-ages show starts at 8 p.m. and the cover (or “suggested donation”) is $5. And Adrian Bourgeois’ new, self-titled debut album is out, finally. Its 10 songs were recorded either by David Houston or by Adrian’s father, Brent Bourgeois. You can buy it through his Web site, Trust me on this: The record is absolutely brilliant.