You mean I’m not the only one?

Take heart, fans of obscure artists, artisans of forgotten crafts and crafters of unique spiritual disciplines! The Internet age has gifted you with Meetup, the online networking site that proves that no matter how random your hobby or specific your hang-up, someone wants to throw a potluck and talk about it.

Scrolling through the site’s offerings for ZIP code 95816 reveals intriguing subsets of the Sacramento population, be it the suburban Chix with Stix Meetup (don’t get too excited, it’s a knitting group) or the far more poignant Orangevale Motherless Daughters Meetup Group (membership: 2).

What follows is a partial list of our region’s social opportunities, all of which can be joined at, or read aloud in sequence as a found poem for the next Voice Acting Meetup.

• Teen Vampire Meetup

• Christian Mommy Brigade

• Hop Heads of Sacramento Beer Lovers Union

• Sacramento Yorkie Play Group

• Sacramento Ex-New Yorkers Meetup Group

• Fair Oaks Bunco Babes Meetup Group

• The “Spiritual but not Religious” Book Club

• Sacramento Millionaire Real Estate Investor Meetup

• Dumpster Diving Meetup

• Sacramento Estrangement Meetup Group

• Fight Club Meetup

• Distant Healing Meetup

• Sacramento Ouija Board Meetup

• Sacramento’s Big Sexy Beautiful Women’s Group

• Whole Foods Business Opportunity in Japan Meetup Group

• Healing Our Pets Through Personal Empowerment

• Sacramento Crotch Rockets