You look like a million box

Feed me?

Feed me?

Since this is a hot time of year for packages, the Exploding Head Gallery, at 924 12th Street, capitalizes on that concept with a group show, Box it Up! All the art has to fit this theme: It is a box, was one, can fit into one, will be in one, etc. Local artist Rebecca Gozion wins with the most boxes, especially a mixed-media series titled “Old Habits.” About the size of a shoe box, one has been treated to look ancient, but well preserved, with an oriental insignia stamped in red sealing wax. But inside, lying on pea gravel, are two objects that resemble old petrified feet, splashed with red. Another cigar-shaped box painted black bears “hobo signs,” actual visual communications used by those who lived on the rails. The little stick kitty means “a kind lady lives here.” Another symbol of vertical and several horizontal lines mean “an officer of the law lives here.”

Patrick Marasso’s oil-on-found-object “Duck and Run” is a fun take on cartoon characters. You can check out Marasso’s collaborative effort with Greg Marasso and John Lennertz when they open the “Holes in the Head” on the floor for a performance installation, with video and sound, during the Second Saturday reception.

“This one will be more along the lines of Christmas,” Marasso revealed, “with a couple of video installations, a kinetic sculpture and a kaleidoscope, dealing with various holiday themes exploring the ideas of consumption. Even though we all buy into it in one way or another, sometimes it’s so blatantly over the top, we just have to share some ideas and thoughts about that.”

Don’t forget to look down or you’ll miss that Saturday-night-only show. The rest of the boxes stay up until December 30. For more information call (916) 442-8424.