You don’t know jackfruit?

Illustration by Sarah Hansel

Word on the street is that jackfruit has the texture of stringy, tender pulled pork when slathered in barbecue sauce, but with barely any calories, nil saturated fat, and zero killing. It sounds like a better deal overall. The massive oval, spiky fruit may be found at Asian food markets and canned at Trader Joe’s. Or try it already seasoned by Upton’s Naturals, known for its seitan and cardboard packages with a bow-tied dude who has a different mustache on every product. Upton’s jackfruit flavors include barbecue, Thai curry, sweet & smoky, Sriracha and chili lime carnitas. Or get to the know the versatile tropical fruit at Veg (2431 J Street, second floor), which serves up $3 jackfruit sliders with housemade barbecue sauce, pickled cabbage and mint chutney on Wednesday and Thursday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. and Sloppy Jacks for $10 after 6 p.m. So now you know jackfruit.