Yes, we’re thankful …

For Second Saturdays

That a thriving riverfront scene is finally shaping up for the Sacramento region

For the fact that more people than ever are eating organic, natural and local foods

That America finally has a serious woman candidate running for president

That America finally has a serious African-American candidate running for president

For Dennis Kucinich (just for being serious)

For the fact that we live in a state that helped launch climate change, with AB 32, onto the radar of American politics

For matinee price movies

For the Sacramento City Council to back gay marriage at the state Supreme Court

That the Tower Bridge construction project is finally nearing completion

To be living in one of the most integrated cities in the country

That Sacramento’s independent bookstores are mostly thriving and surviving

For weekend breakfasts at the Tower Café

For the ever-growing fleet of Prius and hybrid cars now commuting between Davis and Sacramento on weekdays

For Andy Nguyen’s meatless menu

For iPods and MP3 players that have seamlessly put more music into more people’s lives

That most of our region’s electric power is provided by SMUD, one of the country’s truly visionary public utilities

For Granite Regional Skate Park

For Granite Regional Dog Park (and other off-leash dog parks planned for north Sacramento, south Sacramento and north Natomas)

That we’re alive at the birthing of the Internet

For Midtown

For the bumper sticker: “Be nice to America or we’ll bring democracy to your country”

For inexpensive pleasures (like a good cup of Peet’s)

For Sacramento’s canopy of trees

For colleagues that make us laugh

For family and friends

For the fact that this list wasn’t as hard to come up with as we thought it might be