Yes, we’re thankful …

This “thank you” list was compiled by SN&R staff members.

For Sacramento’s canopy of trees

For the new Crocker Art Museum with its striking atrium, beautiful courtyard and tripled museum space

For the fact that, in California, you can’t buy the governor’s office, no matter how high you bid

For our thriving Midtown/downtown scene—Second Saturday most definitely included

For Sacramento’s mostly reliable light-rail system

For simple pleasures, like biking to work, a cup of Peet’s, a Strawberry Nirvana from Jamba Juice

For SN&R’s new “green” digs on Del Paso Boulevard

The Kings haven’t moved to Kentucky … yet

That we can claim Wayne Thiebaud, Gregory Kondos and Fred Dalkey as artists of our place

For our local food co-ops

For the fact that we live in the general vicinity of the world-champion San Francisco Giants

For Davis’ 60 miles of lovely, winding greenbelt

For Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s continued charge against global warming

For the fact that we don’t get snow in the Central Valley

That we can turn on the tap to get water instead of dragging a bucket from the creek

That despite high unemployment rates, many of us have the job of our dreams

For a U.S. senator named Barbara instead of Carly

For the fact that we get our electric power from SMUD, the country’s greenest public utility

For Mayor Kevin Johnson’s indefatigable commitment to aiding and finding “safe ground” for our city’s homeless population

For co-workers who make us proud

For friends, family and good fortune