Yes means yes

I Heart Consensual Sex Variety Show

You’ve seen those posters around town. “I [heart] consensual sex,” they say.
Who doesn&Rsquo;t?
But the art show and performance planned for this Saturday at Grind & Groove aims to give more than just lip service to the pleasures and principles of consensual sex.
Sponsored by the Sacramento chapter of the National Organization for Women, Planned Parenthood and WEAVE, the show—indeed, the campaign, which includes buttons, stickers and a comic book-slash-informational pamphlet—is intended as a sex-positive approach to addressing sexual assault and violence against women.“We want to take a proactive approach to [preventing] sexual violence,” said Hilary Hodge, one of the organizers. “It’s important to talk about how to approach sex so that both parties know exactly what consent is.” The “I [heart] consensual sex” campaign uses “the idea that sex sells and turns it on its back.”
In fact, the art and variety show will be “heavily soaked” in sex.
“Saturated, even,” chuckled Heather Minton, another organizer. “Dripping with sex.”
The exhibit, including nudes, is body-positive, which Minton says means it “accepts and embraces bodies no matter what the size, shape, color or ability.” It features the work of local painter and illustrator April Brayman, who also made the comic-style drawings in the informational booklet being distributed at the event.
Performances will include spoken word and live music, as well as a sex educator from Planned Parenthood and a violence educator from WEAVE. And, of course, the woman-friendly proprietors of Grind & Groove will have an informational “toy” display for “those people who may not be familiar with all their options for pleasure,” Minton said.
“The point is that once everyone agrees what consent is, people are free to do what they will,” said Hodge. “We want to create a context in which people can communicate and negotiate about sex as a way to reduce the violence and coercion that sometimes surrounds sexual expression.”
“Art seemed like the best way to go,” added Minton. “Art can counteract what Entertainment Tonight feeds us about ‘what’s sexy.’ If we use art to talk about what we think is sexy, if we can take the lock and key off sex, who knows what will happen?”
One way to find out is to stop by Grind & Groove (2226 K Street) Saturday at 6 p.m. Be assured, nothing will happen without your consent.