Go green. Everybody’s doing it.

mixed media collage work by Juliana Gerber at Zuda Yoga

Artists hate labels. But this month, you can lump a whole bunch of Second Saturday artists together in one glorious generalization: green. For Earth Week Second Saturday, many galleries will showcase artworks that promote and celebrate sustainability (or at least have good intentions). Local artists address the green movement in diverse ways. Like the YouthWorks photography exhibit, created to advocate for a farmers’ market and community gardens in Oak Park (at Butch N Nellie’s, 19th and I streets). Or the Earth Week Fashion Show, highlighting ways to “recycle” used clothing, fabrics and other materials into cutting-edge garments (at Bows and Arrows boutique, 17th and L streets). Or Juliana Gerber’s mixed-media collage work, which refashions old imagery into new ideas (at Zuda Yoga, 19th and O streets). Or Jill Stafford’s 3-D works, which adorn used cigarette boxes with collage (at Vox Gallery, 19th and X streets). Co-hosted by MidtownGrid.com and the Environmental Council of Sacramento, April’s Earth Week Second Saturday concludes with performances by Stephen 9ine and Dan Parker at 6 p.m., fire dancers at 7 p.m. and Richard March, mellowin’ folks out with some sweetheart bluegrass, at 8 p.m. in the parking lot of 21st and K streets. For more information, visit www.midtowngrid.com.