Yellow walls and karaoke

Illustration by Maria Ratinova

The turmeric-yellow walls and four glass waterfall fountains in the dining room make Bawarchi Indian Cuisine’s décor declare mid-2000s demi-vintage. It’s like the chili-cheese dosa on its menu: One does not feel entirely OK with it, but concedes that at least Bawarchi is being different. This Northern, Southern and Indo-Chinese eatery is part of a national chain, and this one is right next to Regal El Dorado Hills Stadium 14 (2085 Vine Street). There are more traditional dosa: plain, masala, mysore masala, Andhra spicy and paper, plus customizable uthappams (savory pancake-like dish with vegetables), as well as expected curries (aloo gobi) and biryani among the veg offerings. The dosa was crispy, the sambar well-seasoned and the gobi manchurian (sweet-and-sour fried cauliflower) a guilty pleasure. Look out for their Bollywood karaoke nights on That’s different, right?