Sweets for all

Illustration by Sarah Hansel

Let’s say, over the past year, you watched the documentaries What the Health and What’s with Wheat? and finally understand why so many people have been going vegan and avoiding gluten like rabies. Yeah, it’s bad for human health and the environment and the animals, but how is it going to be possible to resist all of the decadent cookies, cakes and pies that are going to be omnipresent over the holidays? The Holiday Baking: Vegan and Gluten Free class on Monday, December 4, at the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op will teach recipes and baking techniques so no one feels excluded from having sweet holiday treats. Instructor Marga den Hoed has apple crisp with coconut whipped cream, ginger snaps and cashew cheesecake on the syllabus. The class takes place at 2820 R Street from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Enroll online for $40-$49 at https://sacfood.coop.