Yeah, sing a song, bros

Hey, they must like <span style=Reno 911!, too. Dare you deny them?">

Hey, they must like Reno 911!, too. Dare you deny them?

While some know the Great Northwest, and particularly Seattle, for its unusually high suicide rate, proliferation of flannel and the genesis of grunge, let it be known that the Blood Brothers are the city’s true calling card. The band seemed to revel in obscurity while recording for smaller indie labels at the start of its career—but, as luck would have it, relentless touring and word-of-mouth eventually catapulted these young men into the big leagues. Their latest album on V2 Records, Young Machetes, is visceral and ferocious; this is one group that continues to redefine the noisecore genre. Thankfully, their national tour routing includes a stop on Monday, December 4, at Empire, 1417 R Street. Along for the ride are … And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead, Celebration, and Brothers and Sisters. Tickets are $19.50 in advance and $20 on the day of the show—which begins at 7:30 p.m. All ages are welcome and earplugs are encouraged. Call (916) 448-3300 for more information.