Wings and things

photo illustration by serene lusano

Whether you're an adventurous eater or prefer classic pub fare, there's afabulous event to go to this weekend. Let's start with the familiar: the second annual Sactown Wings festival goes down Saturday, August 15,at Cesar Chavez Plaza. There will be—and yes, you're reading this correctly—more than 40,000 chicken wings up for gorging on, prepared by Adamo's, the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op, Broderick Roadhouse and others. A $10 ticket gets you entrance to the festival. Now, if you crave the likes of organs, feet, tongues, ears and other typically discarded parts of animals, note the third edition of Have An Offal Day on Sunday, August 16, at Mulvaney's Next Door. A dozen of Sacramento's top-tier culinary talent—including Patrick Mulvaney, Brian Mizner and Brenda Ruiz of Biba—will prepare offal in interesting ways, and you will probably love it. Tickets cost $68. Visit for tickets to the former and search Eventbrite for tickets to the latter.