Rated 3.0 A has-been British tennis pro (Paul Bettany) and a rising American star (Kirsten Dunst) hook up at the legendary British tournament, where his failing career suddenly catches fire. “From the makers of Notting Hill!” chirp the ads (apparently meaning producers Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner and Mary Richards). Well, OK, if you think that’s anything to brag about. True, the rampant clichés of the script (by Adam Brooks, Jennifer Flackett and Mark Levin) includes a few that also were used in Notting Hill, and, like the earlier film, this one has little going for it besides the charm of its two stars (which is considerable) and a gamely professional supporting cast (Sam Neill, Bernard Hill, Eleanor Bron, Robert Lindsay, etc.). But that, plus the novelty of the Wimbledon background, is enough to get by on.