Willie Nelson & Ray Price

Run That By Me One More Time

If it worked twice before, hey, why not do it again? So, this year, old pals Willie Nelson, now 70, and Ray Price, 77, decided to give it another go. For a geezer, Price sounds astonishingly wonderful here; his vibrato-laden vocals will still set your heart a-flutter. Nelson is, well, Willie, essentially a jazz singer who hangs back a half-toke behind the beat, his pinched twang resonating like he’s some cowboy Sinatra. These guys are so laid-back here, trading phrases like softball tosses, that it’s probably a mistake to listen to this while operating heavy machinery. Not that you’ll fall asleep, mind you, but you’ll want to forget what you’re doing and make like you’re swinging in a hammock, sipping lemonade. And folks, it just doesn’t get any sweeter than this.