Rated 3.0 “Willard!” bellows the shy loner’s invalid mother from her bed. “There’s rats in the basement!” She knows because she can smell them, she says. So begins a darkly comic remake of the 1971 horror flick in which the 30-something office clerk (Crispin Glover sporting a creepy black dye job) is intimidated by his boss (R. Lee Ermey) and belittled by his mom (she changes his name to Clark to make him more attractive to the opposite sex). He is befriended by an office temp clerk (Laura Elena Harring) and befriends a smart white rodent he names Socrates, who helps him train an army of fellow cheese nibblers to carry out a revenge plan that soon backfires. Director Glen Morgan has saturated the film with clammy close-ups of the twisted Willard and a mischievous sense of dread.