Wild Hogs

Rated 3.0

Four middle-aged Ohio suburbanites (John Travolta, Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence and William H. Macy) indulge their midlife crises on a cross-country motorcycle trip to the Pacific Ocean—until, in New Mexico, they run afoul of a real gang of hardcore bikers and their ill-tempered leader (Ray Liotta). It’s a sort of City Slickers on Harleys, but not nearly as good, hampered by a cookie-cutter sitcom script by Brad Copeland and Walt Becker’s uncertain direction. Still, it’s not as dumb as it might have been; the four stars have a surprising rapport (Lawrence especially has seldom been so likeable, and Macy gets a rare chance to play full-out comedy), and there are some good (if sporadic) laughs. Jill Hennessy and Marisa Tomei are pretty much wasted as romantic interests for Allen and Macy, respectively.