Reno 911!: Miami

Rated 2.0

The characters from the Comedy Central TV series, a sort of raunchy, foul-mouthed gaggle of Keystone Kops, attend a police convention in Miami Beach, where a bioterrorism incident quarantines the hotel while they’re away, leaving them the only cops available to enforce the law. The production is cheap and tasteless, the plot (such as it is) loose and careless, and the pacing lurches from gag to gag. There’s no denying that these guys are pretty funny in their randy, semi-improvised way. Unfortunately, they failed to come up with an effective way to transfer the show from its Cops-style TV send-up to the big screen; they even resort to repeating gags, with diminishing effect. Some good-sport cameos are contributed by Danny DeVito, Paul Rudd and The Rock (especially hilarious as a gung-ho SWAT cop).