Why you can’t grow marijuana in Elk Grove

Plus, advice on marijuana-gardening books

Ngaio Bealum is a Sacramento comedian, activist and marijuana expert. Email him questions at ask420@newsreview.com.

I live in Elk Grove. I’ve developed a condition called spondylosis. It’s 24 hours a day of sharp back pain. I’ve been buying Headband indica to use for the pain, and it’s working perfectly. It’s allowed me to get off [nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs].

My question is this: What is Elk Grove’s official position on growing weed right now? I’m tired of paying 20 bucks a gram when I should be able to grow it myself, according to state law.

Thanks for all you do for us.


Like I told the guy from West Sacramento a few weeks ago: You are effed.

Elk Grove is in Sacramento County, and Sac County has had a ban on all outdoor marijuana growing since 2010. Your point about being able to grow your own medicine is very important. Maybe we could band together and do some sort of class action? I will look into our options and report back.

I know some people who have a good garden going. While they’re good at growing and caring for plants, they’re shitty at teaching me anything.

I could “adopt” a plant and teach myself about the growing process, but I don’t know where to start. The plants are well underway, about 2 feet tall, but I’m sure it’s not too late to jump in and learn something.

How would you embrace this opportunity if you were a noob like me? I have Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower’s Bible by Jorge Cervantes, but it’s a little too densely written. Can you recommend a different book, something a little more “paint by numbers”?

Thanks for any insight you can offer.


It’s never too late to learn. I am assuming this is an outdoor garden? At this point, the plants should be just starting to flower. You will want to give them a little more phosphorus and a little less nitrogen. Some people like to add a little molasses to the water to encourage large bud growth. In a few weeks, you will want to use only plain water (no nutrients or other stuff) to flush all the chemicals out of the plant. Cannabis that has not been properly flushed tastes terrible. If you have ever smoked weed that crackled when you burned it, you have smoked weed that wasn’t flushed well. As for books, Green Candy Press publishes a book called Marijuana Outdoor Grower’s Guide that is simple and easy to use. Outdoor gardens aren’t too complicated. Keep pests away, watch for mold and mildew, and enjoy your harvest.

I applied for a job in San Diego, and this was on the application: “Have you ever been convicted of a felony? You may omit any marijuana-related violations of any of the following sections of the California Health and Safety Code: 11357(b) or (c), 11360(c), 11364, 11365 or 11550, or a statutory predecessor to these sections.” You ever seen this before?


I have never seen that on an application before. More proof that we are winning. I hope you get the job.