Who’s sorry now?

Imagine not being required to apologize for anything you have done wrong; instead, you simply contact an agency—called Sorry—to complete the task for you. Sorry, a novel by German writer Zoran Drvenkar, translated into English by Shaun Whiteside, explores the consequences of creating such an agency. Is it truly ethical? What is the right course of action when the agency is assigned a job that takes them to the body of a murdered woman? Each of the agency’s four young members has different answers to these questions—opinions, morals and experiences—that lead them onto four different paths as the novel progresses. Drvenkar deftly weaves multiple points of view into one compelling, riveting thriller. From time to time throughout the story, you will be addressed in second person as if you were the murderer—an eerie experience. Though incredibly dark and deeply disturbing at times, this novel is a masterpiece.