Where were the Maloofs?

The Maloofs love the O.C.

The Maloofs love the O.C.

The Sacramento Kings game against the Los Angeles Lakers included all the expected drama and heartbreak (down by 20 points, up by a few, tied, a loss in overtime), with a side of Kobe beefin’.

Adding insult to injury, owners George, Gavin and Joe Maloof didn’t even bother to show up for what was, most likely, the team’s last game in Sacramento.

Even as the world watched (the Kings game made headlines and Arco Arena was a trending topic on Twitter), the Maloofs stayed away, or to be more blunt, they hid.

“They’re cowards for not showing up,” my husband said as we watched the post-game wake on the court where the likes of Bobby Jackson, Tyreke Evans, Paul Westphal and Grant Napear commiserated with fans.

But apparently the only Maloof on hand was Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Adrienne Maloof—whose arrival to the game was filmed for her reality TV show.

A slap in the face—especially considering that the event was billed as “Fan Appreciation Night.” Though the only prizes given out last night were stale ones, the usual coupons for free fast-food tacos. Talk about leaving a bad taste in your mouth …

Instead, the Maloofs showed where their true loyalty lies by prioritizing a meeting in New York with the NBA Board of Governors, who again gave them more time to find a way to move the Kings to Anaheim.

Hey, don’t they have a private jet? I’m sure it does red-eyes. What about Skype?

Either way, the Maloofs absence last night was cowardly and disrespectful and completely undercut all those comments they’ve made recently about how much they love Sacramento fans.

Business may be business—make your deal, whatever—but it doesn’t have to be heartless.

Compiled from Purple Drank.