Royals with cheese

The 1951 Rochester Royals, NBA champions.

The 1951 Rochester Royals, NBA champions.

“There are no vestiges of the barn-like building that once stood here, where the energetic men once ran, leaped and celebrated. It ultimately met its end by the wrecking ball, a symbol of dust, rust and neglect.”

OK a little cheesy, but a future description of the arena formerly known as Arco?

Could be, but not yet, providing Natomas isn’t underwater both financially and floodwise by then (the Gas Pump becomes the Sump Pump). Instead, it’s a description (posted on of Edgerton Park Sports Arena, the Kings’ first home back in Rochester, N.Y., from many civic love affairs ago.

Sacramento Kings fans have been more than a little distracted this spring with a decision on a possible new SoCal locale due in April.

But April also marks the 60th anniversary of the franchise’s best moment. In 1951, the Rochester Royals beat the Knicks for their only NBA title. Along the way, they also interrupted a six-year run title by the, ahem, Lakers (then in Minneapolis).

Those nefarious Lakers could also be the last opponent at the former Gas Pump if the Kings do become Los Angeles’ J.V. squad and move to the O.C.

In the meantime, the fans and the team are hanging in there. Among all the other developments, which seem to change daily, local supporters have launched the Here We Build campaign, though the Maloofs would prefer a “Here We Bolt” campaign. Despite all the distractions, the team has also put together a little winning streak.

Last week, the fans and team worked together to beat a good Phoenix Suns squad. The best Sacramento moment: The half-capacity crowd pushed the noise meter on the scoreboard to the highest level and Suns’ star Steve Nash lost track of the shot clock. The Kings got the ball back and held on for a taco line win, 116-113. Yep, the dreaded Sacramento sixth man still lives. Suck on that, O.C.

Compiled from Purple Drank.