When in Rome

Rated 2.0

A Guggenheim Museum curator (Kristen Bell) fishes some coins out of a fountain in Rome, magically causing four losers (Danny DeVito, Jon Heder, Will Arnett, Dax Shepard) to fall in love with her. Meanwhile, she’s falling in love, too, with a sportswriter (Josh Duhamel)—but fears his is one of the coins she snagged in Rome. The lame contrivances of David Diamond and David Weissman’s script don’t even pretend to make sense—how do these losers find her or know her name?—and the scenes in Rome feel about as Italian as a can of Chef Boyardee (blame director Mark Steven Johnson for wasting a location shoot in the Eternal City, as well as for the frantically leaden pace). Duhamel is charming, and Bell is dutifully perky, although she hardly looks old enough to spell Guggenheim, much less work there.