When Billy met Sammie

A local music scene is filled with surprise. You may think you know what’s going on, but you can always be educated about new music by getting out. Of course, there’s always the chance you’ll be disappointed, but that’s why they also sell beer.

Last year I ventured into a club expecting to hear blues and was confronted by a fascinating art form called “psychobilly,” and it wasn’t a Hitchcock remake by Billy Bob Thornton. One could hear the thumping bass of rockabilly and some lyrics about love and hurt were screamed by a guy who had punk rock in his immediate background. A small group of fans were sorta dancing in couples with elements of free-style wrestling added. I would later be told this was called “wrecking.”

This paper is rightfully proud of the writing it’s done on the local music scene in Sacramento over the years, exposing on these pages a huge number of local performers of new music. A lot of ink has gone into praising and criticizing emerging bands.

Who or what is next? You can probably find a taste of the next trend by following what develops with the SAMMIES (Sacramento Area Music Awards). Now that we’ve counted up the nominating ballots, it’s time to issue our official one (see page 2). Meanwhile, stay tuned in by attending the upcoming showcases of the nominated bands at local clubs. Maybe acid-jazz-psychobilly will emerge.