What Happens in Vegas

Rated 2.0

Two New Yorkers (Cameron Diaz, Ashton Kutcher) meet for the first time on a Vegas vacation, she after being dumped, he after being fired. First they get drunk, then they get married; then, in the sober morning after, they agree to an annulment—until he wins 3 million bucks with a quarter he borrowed from her. Dana Fox’s script is one of those bird-brained contrivances that would be over in no time if any of the characters had a lick of sense, and director Tom Vaughan hammers it across with dogged huff-and-puffery. Diaz and Kutcher mug and flail around like high-school showoffs whose pals around the lunch table think they’re a riot. It’s a pity, because when they’re not trying too hard to be funny, they’re really rather sweet together—but that accounts for only about 10 scattered minutes out of 99.