We’re Jammin’

Julianna Zachiariou. Remember that name, because it’s probably going to be well-known someday.

Julianna Zachiariou. Remember that name, because it’s probably going to be well-known someday.

For more information about the Jammies, visit www.jammies.com.

Crest Theatre

1013 K St.
Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 476-3356

Robert and Margrit Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts

9399 Old Davis Rd.
Davis, CA 95616

(530) 754-2787


Youth isn’t always wasted on the young. Sometimes young’uns start rocking it from an early age—and in the process make us adults wish we hadn’t wasted our own youth trading pogs. Seriously, we actually thought they’d be worth something someday?

Anyway, the eighth annual Jammies will feature two nights of music, both contemporary and classical. It’s like SN&R’s annual Sammies, but with musicians who can’t buy lottery tickets—and many who can’t even legally drive yet.

A Night of Contemporary Music will feature several bands that made it through unscathed from the series of battles of the bands in February: Simpl3Jack, One Eyed Rhyno, If a Tree Falls, Crimson Sky, Perfect Example, Dog Party, Carcerys Vale, Julianna Zachariou, Hotwire, A1 and Absolute Zero. These kids are amazing. Go see them now, because in 10 years, fans will have to pay $50 for cheap seats at Arco Arena as they pass through on their way to a gig in Japan.

An Evening of Classical Music will feature underager groups West Campus Percussion Ensemble, Sacramento County Day School Piano Trio, Davis High School Baroque Ensemble and Christian Brothers Honors Chorale. There also will be solo performances by Eunghee Cho on cello, Fantee Jones on piano and Ray Anthony Trujillo on violin, along with a special performance by the Sacramento State Symphony Orchestra. The winners will receive $3,000 and will be able to perform with the Sacramento Philharmonic Orchestra.

Doesn’t that make you wish you hadn’t opted out of orchestra in seventh grade to hang out at the mall?