Wed., Jan. 16, Gregg Allman

Crest Theatre, 8 p.m., $39.50-$59.50

Gregg Allman's namesake band with his brother Duane has long overshadowed his solo career, much how the Allman Brothers' extended guitar jams frequently consigned Gregg's vocals and keyboards to scenery. Blessed with a gruff, hearty voice, Allman's spent his solo albums exploring the pop and soul end of the blues, with limited critical and commercial success outside his first two albums nearly 40 years ago. Two years ago, Allman enlisted producer T Bone Burnett for Low Country Blues, his first studio album since 1997. Though primarily covers, its deep, jazzy blues grooves represent Allman's most consistent, well-crafted (and successful) release in a quarter-century. 1013 K Street,