Thurs., Jan. 17, Slightly Stoopid

Ace of Spades, 6:30 p.m., $25

Sure, it's got kind of a stupid name, but don't hold that against Slightly Stoopid. This is a dynamic group that can blend reggae with hip-hop, folk, punk and pop music. The band emerged from San Diego in 1995, and its members signed with Sublime frontman Bradley Nowell's Skunk Records while still in high school. Its self-titled debut was released in 1996, and the group has followed up with seven albums since then. The group's surf-influenced vibes and folk-punk mentality can be heard on the mellow-but-intense tracks “Closer to the Sun” and “Mellow Mood.” And just like Sublime—and numerous other reggae groups—Slightly Stoopid obligatorily promotes marijuana. 1417 R Street,