Watchmen: The Absolute Edition

Written by Alan Moore, with art by Dave Gibbons

Now, realistically, I can’t call anyone unfamiliar with Watchmen a loser, because it is, after all, a comic book. But I want to. Suffice to say it’s a sprawling epic, of adult-brain proportions, about murders and conspiracies among superheroes in an alternate world that is new but not so brave. Anyway, it was easy to miss the release, a few months ago, of Watchmen: The Absolute Edition. After all, it looks just like any other release of the seminal 1986 graphic novel but bigger. And a bit shinier. That subtle sheen adds a lot, since it results from a hyper-pristine, color-enhanced transfer of the artwork that, when coupled with the larger size of the whole dang thing, makes it look amazing. Throw in some 48 pages of extra materials, and that $75 price tag doesn’t seem quite so daunting.