War Room

Rated 2.0

When a couple's marriage begins to come apart, the husband (T.C. Stallings) contemplates an affair, while his real estate agent wife (Priscilla C. Shirer) comes under the wing of an older, wiser woman (Karen Abercrombie) whose home sale she is handling. Written by brothers Alex and Stephen Kendrick and directed by Alex, this is the latest in their string of Sunday-school movies, ardently preaching to the converted. That audience will respond to the movie's sunny, squeaky-clean look (courtesy of cinematographer Bob M. Scott) and the fervent sincerity of the performances. Let others be warned: the sermonizing is nonstop, beginning with the very first lines of dialogue and continuing without letup through the movie's several endings (it seems those Kendrick brothers just can't bear to give up the pulpit). J.L.