Hitman: Agent 47

Rated 1.0

A superassassin (Rupert Friend) stalks a young woman (Hannah Ware) searching for her long lost father (Ciarán Hinds). She is first protected by a mysterious stranger (Zachary Quinto)—then suddenly, for no good reason, the assassin is her protector and the stranger is trying to kill her. And it's all because of some top-secret program to create an army of superassassins. Who cares? Don't try to make any sense of this incoherent, repellent hunk of Eurotrash. What we shall laughingly call the script, written by Skip Woods and Michael Finch, is supposedly based on some video game. Woods gets credit for story, but there isn't any. Direction is allegedly by one Aleksander Bach, but there's not much of that either. Let's not mince words. The movie is garbage, somehow simultaneously boring and irritating. J.L.