Vote Eric Guerra for Sacramento City Council District 6

Two well-qualified candidates are running to represent District 6 on city council. The first, Bruce Pomer, is an astute and lionhearted progressive who would zero in on the city’s fiscal house and be a powerful liberal voice on the council. Our editorial board likes his thinking. But we’re endorsing Eric Guerra.

Guerra gets our vote because he is better positioned to get more done while serving on council. We get a sense that he will embrace coalition-building and be a council member that can set aside differences with the so-called mayoral bloc and effectively make deals to the benefit of District 6.

He spoke of fighting for infrastructure investment and mass-transit priorities in the district’s underserved neighborhoods, and also of fostering small-business growth on the Folsom Boulevard, Power Inn Road and Stockon Boulevard corridors. We’re confident that he will follow through.

As documented in last week’s news feature (see “Running in the six” by Nick Miller, SN&R March 12), Pomer and Guerra see eye-to-eye on a lot of issues. They’re both good candidates. Yet with Guerra comes a promise of invigorated passion and new ideas. And he’ll be a strong voice on the council for Latinos, who have been underrepresented at City Hall for years.

Vote Eric Guerra on April 7.