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Tapigami Hacker Glasses Kickstarter drive

Sacramento artist Danny Scheible has long enchanted art lovers with his Tapigami creations—sculptural and sprawling room-sized installations comprising materials such as masking tape, wire hangers, fabric, metal bits, and other pieces found in homes, hardware stores and salvage lots. Scheible, whose works have been featured at The California Museum downtown and the Exploratorium in San Francisco, also creates smaller-scale works (lamp shades, jewelry, etc.). Now, he's teamed with Hacker Lab, the Sacramento-based tech incubator, to create an art-glasses prototype featuring white, oversized frames and trippy, colorful lenses that look more like a kaleidoscope wheel than something you can actually see through. The glasses, created using a CAD software program, has been described as a “mash-up between art and technology.”

Want a pair? Can't get 'em yet, sorry. You can, however, participate in a Kickstarter campaign to turn the prototype into a full-fledged product line that's scheduled to make its debut later this year. The campaign kicks off on Monday, February 4, and it aims to raise $10,000. There are several price points at which you can contribute. Chip in $5 and get in on the Tapigami newsletter, donate $25 and receive a shirt. Or go big: $100 gets you a dozen Tapigami flowers, and $350 nets you a pair of custom-made Hacker Glasses. Got $5,000 to spare? Scheible will place a 20-by-20 foot Tapigami installation in the location of your choice for three months.

Editor’s note: The Kickstarter release has been pushed back to Monday, February 11.