Venik’s Aviation

Of course, because our pals Armstrong and Getty over at Clear Channel Sacramento outpost Talk 650 refer to this paper as the “Communist News & Review,” here’s a Russian Web site—with intelligence reports you won’t be seeing on any of the Foxaganda channels. Yes, as it is with any of the information coming out of Iraq, you should employ whatever personal B.S. detector (i.e., critical-thinking skills) you use to sort through these reports, ostensibly from Russian military intelligence sources. The reports seem straightforward—in a weblog, updated daily, that tracks the American coalition’s advances. You can find them by logging on and then clicking the link for the latest Russian military intelligence. (Note to Clear Channel Rovebots: This isn’t an endorsement from us so-called commies.) Citizens in a putative free country should be allowed access to information before they form opinions, right?