Various artists

Kindercore Fifty


This three-CD compilation celebrates the fiftieth release of the four-year-old, really-big-in-Japan indie-pop label Kindercore. There’s at least one full record’s worth of great stuff here, including new releases, out-of-print rarities and dance-y remixes—though midway into the second CD, some of the less-notable songs start to blend into a homogenous blob of Hello Kitty-poo. Standouts include the drumless, singalongy Apples in Stereo tune “The Oasis” and upbeat, hooky guitar pop from Dressy Bessy, Je Suis France, Kincaid and Vetran. I am totally fascinated with the Olivia Tremor Control song that kicks off disc three—Zombies-style, ’60s-sounding psych-pop set to an infectiously catchy electronic beat; it builds teasingly and then culminates in a harmonized chorus that sounds so directly ripped off from the Beach Boys that I’m still not sure it’s not a sample. This one song practically justifies the $15 cover price.