David Houston

Heart With Tears

Park Music

Houston, working with some local pros, maintains his dark nature even on upbeat numbers such as “Everything I Need”—it sounds happy, but Houston uses the familiar rhetorical device of “not!” to return us to his slough of despair. The disc features many melodic guitar hooks and Matt McCord’s driving drums on most songs, which provide a solid foundation for Houston’s lilting voice. The songs are hopefully sad. “I’m Into You” is a standout—nice melody, swooping lazy chorus, subtle organ, and the odd Beatles reference supported by solid rhythm by drummer Mike Urbano and bassist Larry Tagg, both from ’80s Sacpop band Bourgeois-Tagg. Houston shines in darkness again, bringing to voice the plaintive and discontented soul of humanity. The line “It’s loneliness that’s driving me on” on “A Minor Medley” captures Houston’s core musical philosophy. This is a great CD for pining, hook-addicted lovers.