Various artists

Pacific Union

With the My Bloody Valentine devoted, it means no blues-based riffs and no walking bass lines, and, on occasion, gloss and smudgy sound can joyously overcome a lack of skill. Here, on this Sacramento-meets-Japan compilation, things swirl nicely until the surprising piano ballad “Sweet Indie Rock” from the otherwise droney Monster Movie. Following, Applecider rocks out in a Discord Records-meets-Shonen Knife way on “Any Sunny Day.” More dream fuzz is to be had with artists such as Paik, Pia Fraus, Cruyff in the Bedroom and others, providing mostly exclusive tracks. Of note are the shamelessly derivative Sugarcoat, Sciflyer and the elusive Airiel. This is an inviting collection; for the geek-out collector, this compilation hits the vein like a speedball without the cut.