Up for a food challenge?

People seem to arbitrarily choose a thing, then a month and slap “National” in front of it all, and whaddya know, we've got National Romance Awareness Month. Well, we can be arbitrary, too. How about September as National Dairy-free Month? Whether you're a vegetarian or omnivore, try going without any dairy products—yes, including cheese—and see how you feel as an experiment. Everyone knows that dairy is laden with saturated fat, so cutting it out will reduce cholesterol levels, but did you know that dairy products trigger or aggravate acne, arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome and psoriasis? Send emails to sactoletters@newsreview.com or visit www.facebook.com/sacnewsreview and http://twitter.com/sacnewsreview to share your experiences, successes and struggles along the way. And hang in there until October, which is National Cheese Month. Then go crazy on that Brie.