Unfinished Business

Rated 2.0

A mistreated employee (Vince Vaughn) quits his job at a big agency and forms his own business with two other misfits (Tom Wilkinson, Dave Franco); after a year of struggle, he finds himself desperately vying with his vicious former boss (Sienna Miller) for a make-or-break account. The most important unfinished business here is Steve Conrad's slapdash script, with its shifting tones, forced jokes and gaping plot holes, moving the action from Boston to Berlin for no better reason than to give the cast and crew a working European vacation. Vaughn and Wilkinson invest the goings-on with what conviction they can muster, while Franco manages to shine sweetly as their mentally-challenged associate (rising above a borderline-offensive stereotype). Ken Scott's direction plays along with the general coarseness. J.L.