Rated 1.0

In a sleek future society, a female outlaw warrior (Milla Jovovich)—oh God, don’t make me go on. You’d think, after last year’s megaton bombs Elektra and Aeon Flux, Hollywood would steer clear of comic-book female outlaw warrior flicks for a while (audiences certainly have). This one isn’t actually based on a comic book. It’s entirely the work of writer-director Kurt Wimmer—something about a “blood war” between humans and “hemophages,” but don’t bother trying to follow Wimmer’s incoherent plot. Jovovich looks alluring in her formfitting costumes as she dodges bullets with her martial-arts twirls and cartwheels (and, assuming her voice isn’t dubbed, her English is now accent-free). Otherwise, the movie’s a dead loss. The cheesy CGI effects look like they were done on a 15-year-old Macintosh.