The Science of Patterns

Electronic music finally has begun to get a real foothold in Sacramento. At the forefront of this burgeoning music scene is Tycho, a man with samples, keyboards and electronic bleeps and warbles to spare. What sets him apart from the pack is the fact that, on his debut four-track EP, The Science of Patterns, Tycho proves that he has genius in him. From the moment the opening track, “Dream As Memory,” begins its quiet, catchy melody, it is clear that Tycho has created an emotive and genuinely listenable album. It is electronic music, but it has a sense of soul and spirit that brings to mind French critical darlings Air and Brian Eno’s pioneering Music for Airports. The synthesis of electronic and sampled organic sounds creates a space that’s like the soundtrack to a dream of flight. Check out www.tychomusic.com for his live-gig calendar and information or to buy the CD.