Two Weeks Notice

Rated 2.0 Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock basically play their patented movie selves in this overly familiar romantic comedy about corporate greed, social responsibility, personal promises and budding love. Millionaire George Wade (Grant as a charming, irresponsible womanizer) is the spokesperson for New York’s leading real-estate development firm, which is actually controlled by his brother. Passionate activist attorney Lucy Kelson (Bullock as a cute, feisty, long-suffering bachelorette) takes the job as Wade Corporation lawyer in a contrived plot twist that leaves her babysitting the self-absorbed George and fighting for good causes from within the lumbering power structure. Standup comedian Robert Klein continues his sweater-and-slippers slip into senior citizenship as Lucy’s father. The movie is directed by Marc Lawrence, who wrote the Bullock and Ben Affleck valentine Forces of Nature.