Twist on a red bean bao

Red bean paste bun, Pegasus Bakery & Cafe

The red bean buns at Pegasus Bakery & Cafe are unlike any I’ve seen in Hong Kong or elsewhere. Baked bao traditionally hold a gooey center of sweet red bean paste. At this adventurous Hong Kong-style cafe, bakers braid the red bean paste into the dough for gushes of flavor in each bite. The delightful hand-held breakfast ($1.25) looks like a mini challah and tastes like a soft, toothsome brioche. Above the disc of dough, a sprinkling of sugary crumbles adds a quiet crunch. The best part? Thanks to that red bean, you get to eat dessert for breakfast and call it protein. 6825 Stockton Boulevard, Suite 265-270; (916) 662-7733.