Tues., April 09, Unnatural Ways

Bows & Arrows, 8 p.m., $5

If the music on your current playlist is starting to bore, give Unnatural Ways a go. This Oakland-based trio throws heavy metal, jazz and straight-up noise rock into the pot and then frays, cleaves and blasts it all to musical smithereens. The result is something nearly unrecognizable yet accessible. Comprising guitarist Ava Mendoza, synth player Dominique Leone and Nick Tamburro on drums and percussion, the band sports an intensely freewheeling and unpredictable vibe. Currently, Unnatural Ways has only a self-recorded CD-ROM to its name, but a full album is expected later this year. Sac's Gentleman Surfer and Philadelphia singer-songwriter Nick Millevoi are also on the bill. 1815 19th Street, www.avamendozamusic.com.