Sat., April 06, Soul Asylum

Ace of Spades, 7 p.m., $20

Soul Asylum has been through seemingly everything: obscurity, fame, getting dropped from a record label, the death of a band member—bassist Karl Mueller, who died from throat cancer in 2005—and most recently, resurgance. The group, originally from Minneapolis, still makes good music after 20 years. Although best known for the overplayed coffee-shop-friendly singles “Runaway Train” and “Misery”—released in 1992 and 1995, respectively—the group now has 10 albums (the latest being 2012's Delayed Reaction) under its belt and a strong cult fan base. Now 48, David Pirner is the only original band member remaining. And he still has that signature scratchy-throated alt-rock voice. Local bands A Single Second and Fair Struggle open. 1417 R Street,