Transformers: Age of Extinction

Rated 2.0

Where to start? The American flag. “I just got picked up by Red Bull.” Magic hour on every point of the globe, all of the time, always. “These alien guns kick ass!” Transformium. “What we do here is science.” Monument Valley. “Mission accomplished” and “cut and run.” Action scenes set in slums. King Arthur, high-school football and the Holocaust. “It's sucking up metal and dropping it!” Creepy, daddy-daughter sex anxiety. “I'm a wicked warrior robot.” Product placement for Bud Light and automatic weaponry. “Don't bitch out on me! Are you gonna bitch out on me?” Mark Wahlberg wears glasses to pass as a scientist in this world, and it works. “Algorithms! Math!” In short, this fourth installment of Michael Bay's long-form paean to soullessness is better than some of its predecessors and worse than others, but God only knows which ones or why.